Djarum sponsor and Djarum successor to help somebody make wishes come true


This is a good project for Djarum brand advance. It will be creating Djarum brand identity and designing one significative responsibility to the world. In face, Djarum logo ideas at right is not only one good logo advertising for brand identity but also can do anything to the world. Any thinking from you, it is only one ordinary merchandise,but with your joining and sponsor, we can manufacture more merchandise for poverty relief and disaster relief. It can kill two birds with one stone, so a good idea can you lose it? There is no limit how much can you sponsor. If you have sponsored, your sponsor greetings and advertising website link will be shown and display on our logo ideas page. With your help, somebody who need help can make a wish online and can come true. When they go here and want to make a wish online,they can know you and remember your good intention. So with the spread of them, you will be well-known. Don't worry about the following things when you have sponsored. When we have been sure you have sponsored, we can save it well and when somebody make a wish to get some logo merchandise, we can manufacture and send to them. All what we do will be followed by you online. Once you sponsor, we will be treated as a multi-product purchase. Before we send logo merchandise to somebody,you can ask us to send to you.

Dear my friends, Djarum logo owner has sponsored a fund upper. It is a good idea for Djarum logo identity, advertising promotion and social responsibility for donation. With the fund, more people who need help can make their wishes come true. But only sponsor to do this, it is so tiny capability to do. It need you join and make bigger Djarum fund, so more and more people can get help from you and make their wishes came true. In face, somebody only need a tshirt or a schoolbag and so on. But without help, they can't make their wish came true. Sometimes, only with your 1$ and Djarum fund can be bigger and bigger. So more and more people can get help and make their wishes come true. Djarum logo owner can 't do it perfectly, but with your joning, we can do it perfectly, so a good successor of you. Don't worry about your contribution after you have been a Djarum fund successor. If the fund from you can be enough to manufacture a logo merchandise,you can have allocation of the logo merchandise. As a fund successor is very easy. You can give us a Amazon gift card,only a CLAIM code.